How long is a consultation?

The first consultation is booked for 30 min. This includes a history taking and examination of the affected area of the body. If necessary you may need to be sent for an X-ray. This sometimes takes a while if the Radiology Department is busy. Please bring any X-rays and investigations (e.g. Blood tests) that you feel are appropriate to your condition, as this can save time, however you may need to be sent for an X-ray even if you bring old X-rays with you.

Follow up consultations are booked for 15min.


What payment options are available?

You are welcome to make payment by cash or credit card.


Are you contracted to medical aids?

I am contracted to Bankmed and Discovery, as well as several other medical aids. Essentially the initial consult may only be covered in part by your medical aid but follow-up consults and all in-hospital consults/surgery will be covered by your medical aid in full.


Do you work with specific physiotherapists / occupational therapists?

You may need rehabilitation either before or after a surgical procedure. I work with a number of therapists in the area. I am happy to refer you to a therapist that is closer to your work/home if necessary.


What type of anaesthesia will I receive?

I use the same anaesthetist to ensure continuity of care. He likes to use a regional technique of anaesthesia known as a block. In a block the nerve supplying the affected area is infiltrated with local anaesthetic. This results in a numb arm or leg. The anaesthetist will also give you sedation to ensure that you sleep during the operation. This is an extremely safe form of anaesthesia. It has none of the complications associated with general anaesthesia (e.g. nausea and vomiting) and provides good pain relief after the operation.


Do you use an assistant?

I use an assistant to ensure adequate exposure to the affected area and make sure that the procedure goes smoothly.


How long will I be in hospital?

This is dependent on your procedure. In general most procedures are performed as day cases and you can go home the same day. More complex procedures e.g. Total Shoulder Replacement will require you to stay in hospital for 2-3 days while you get physiotherapy.


When will I be able to return to work?

Again this is dependent on your procedure and the type of work you do. If your case is a small day case (e.g. Trigger Finger Release) you could go back to work the next day. In the instance of a complex case (e.g. Total Shoulder Replacement) I recommended taking a week or two off work. If you work with your hands or in a dirty environment then you should wait until the wounds have healed. In general it is recommended that you rest for 2-3 days before going back to work.


Can I drive after the operation?

You will not be able to drive the same day of the operation. Please ensure that someone is available to take you home. If you have a small case performed (e.g. Carpal Tunnel Release) you should be able to start driving the day after surgery. If you have had a complex case or a case involving the lower limb (e.g. ACL reconstruction) you may have to take 6 weeks off driving.